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Buffalo hunting (the largest North American Game Animal sometimes referred to as Bison), is also offered here at Holt Creek Ringnecks. Hunting buffalo is truly a unique and exciting hunt, and one you will remember for a lifetime!

The meat is as good as any you have ever eaten with absolutely no wild taste, plus there is a LOT of it! Hunting bulls weigh between 1400 and 2400 pounds. That's plenty of meat after processing to provide you with a good summer's supply of cooking and grilling delicacy! Bison is also a very healthy meat which is low if fat and high in protien.

Holt Creek Ringnecks, bison, buffalo hunting outfitters with proven reliability!
Holt Creek Ringnecks - Buffalo Hunting Outfitters!

Every true hunter should hunt buffalo at least once in his or her lifetime. Buffalo hunting dates back to the founding days of North America. Buffalo love the open range for grazing and our land here at Holt Creek Ringnecks is exactly what buffalo like for settling into a comfortable existence. With plenty of food to eat and lots of natural habitat, the buffalo here are very big and healthy.

Holt Creek Ringnecks, LLC. is available to provide both single buffalo hunter and group buffalo hunting trips. The thrill of a buffalo hunt will get no better anywhere else! We provide overnight stays with accommodations in our cozy hunting lodge, complete with home-cooked meals and a dining room for up to 12 guests.

Reservations fill quickly, so be sure to book your Buffalo hunting trips early for a guaranteed spot on our guest list. We intend to provide you with an ultimate buffalo hunting adventure which you will remember for years to come. We look forward to serving you and your hunting party with our down-home hospitality and expert knowledge of hunting Nebraska Buffalo!

For more information about booking your Buffalo Hunting trip and tour, please visit our partner site at http://www.trophybison.com.

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