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The Golden Triangle of South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Each year the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks conducts a brood count survey which provides the best estimate of the State’s pheasant population. The individual route counts are categorized under the larger cities closest to the survey routes. The cities of Pierre, Chamberlain & Winner are, routinely, the top 3 pheasant populations in the State, and Lyman County makes up the center of that Golden Triangle of cities. Lyman County is the heart of South Dakota’s Golden Triangle of pheasant hunting!

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When choosing a place for your South Dakota pheasant hunting vacation, location is key! Choosing a place with the highest pheasant population with fewer hunters will provide your group with the most wild pheasant shots.

The best location for South Dakota pheasant hunting is in Lyman County, South Dakota. I-90 runs through Lyman County so it provides easy access to the communities within Lyman County—Reliance, Lyman, Kennebec, Presho and Vivian.

Ringnecks Lodge is located in Presho, South Dakota. Presho is located just west of the center of Lyman County which is the heart of the Golden Triangle of pheasant hunting! To get to Ringnecks, take exit 225 or 226 off of I-90 and proceed into Presho which is next to I-90 and turn north onto Main Street and proceed to downtown, and Ringnecks Lodge is located on the right side of downtown Main Street, next to Jet Lanes and across from Husman’s Grocery Store.

The following cities have commercial flights in and out of South Dakota daily. These airports will also have major rental car agencies available.

  • Pierre, 45 miles north of Presho
  • Rapid City, 170 miles west of Presho
  • Sioux Falls, 180 miles east of Presho

Airport pickup and dropoff is available through Ringnecks Lodge with advance notice and a nominal fee.

Presho also has a small airport located 1 mile east of town that is available to the public for small private aircraft. The runway is 3350 feet long by 150 feet wide.

“Stephan allows hunters to hunt in the manner that you so choose. His properties tend to be sized towards larger parties than we have and his flexibility on how the hunt is conducted is well received in our group (our preference is more towards flushing pheasants with our dogs than just driving fields at posters).

The lodge is as important as the quality of the fields. The large open rooms lend well for our socialization. After all, that’s why we hunt together.”

Dennis Thorfinnson – Gillette, Wyoming (See more Testimonials)

Ringnecks Lodge field locations (all within Lyman County, South Dakota): Crooked Bridge – Presho, SD; Taylors – Presho, SD; Estate – Presho, SD; Cottonwood – Presho, SD; Hemaseths – Presho, SD; Brodrechts – Presho, SD; Jimmy 1 – Presho, SD; Jimmy 2 – Presho, SD; Jimmy 3 – Presho, SD; Jimmy 4 – Presho, SD; Larrys – Presho, SD; Nolan – Presho, SD; Hofwalt 1 – Presho, SD; Hofwalt 2 – Presho, SD; House, Presho, SD; Lakebed – Presho, SD; Park – Presho, SD; Hill – Presho, SD; Boss – Presho, SD; Strips – Presho, SD; Kittleson – Presho, SD; Deremo – Presho, SD; School 1 – Presho, SD; School 2 – Presho, SD; Boe – Presho, SD; Blanche – Presho, SD; Windmill – Presho, SD; Long Strip – Presho, SD; Ambur 1 – Presho, SD; Ambur 2 – Presho, SD; Ambur 3 – Presho, SD; Church – Presho, SD; Hunt – Presho, SD; Jacoby Hunt – Presho, SD; Heinz – Presho, SD; corner – Vivian, SD; Vivian – Vivian, SD; Jacoby Gilmans – Kennbec, SD; Gilmans – Kennebec, SD; Jimmy 5 – Kennebec, SD; Jimmy 6 – Kennebec, SD; Combine – Kennebec, SD; Picker – Kennebec, SD; Roadhouse – Kennebec, SD; Interstate – Kennebec, SD; Mundelien – Kennebec, SD; Hell Hole – Kennebec, SD; Paiges – Kennebec, SD; Lindley – Reliance, SD; Woster E – Reliance, SD; Woster W – Reliance, SD; Reliance E – Reliance, SD; Reliance W – Reliance, SD