South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Testimonials


"I've been on many hunting and fishing trips in my life, but this was by far the best trip I've been on."

"The habitat was ideal the combination of tree rows and grass for cover, milo strips for food, and access to water provided the pheasants with everything they needed. The ground we hunted with Ringnecks was the most comprehensive habitat I've ever hunted. We hunted one day with Crackerjack and all three days with Gunner. Both are great dogs who worked hard for us hunters. While I didn't stay at the lodge, the facilities looked great and a great place for a group to hang out after a long cold day of hunting. My 16-year-old son and I hunted the last two days with just the two of us, Adam and Gunner. Adam and Gunner were terrific. They gave us a father-son experience we will never forget. Both Flint and Adam were outstanding. We spent more time with Adam. He was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and committed to giving us an experience to remember.

I've hunted pheasants in Nebraska with my dad several times over the past 34 years. We've had some great hunts but I have never seen the numbers of birds we saw around Presho. This year I traveled to Ringnecks Lodge with my 16-year-old son Nathan for his first pheasant hunting experience. The first day we were combined with a group of eleven guys from Texas. Guides Flint and Adam and their dogs Crackerjack and Gunner did an awesome job and we easily got our limit, including my son's first rooster. The next two days it was just Nathan and I as the others had departed for home. We hunted with Adam and Gunner. Adam put us on birds both days and we got our limit each day. Adam was full of energy and enthusiasm and made sure Nathan and I had a great father-son hunting experience. I've hunted with a number of dogs over the years but Gunner is the best I have hunted with. What a great dog. Adam's passion for hunting and people was obvious. I now consider him a friend. I've been on many hunting and fishing trips in my life, but this was by far the best trip I've been on. Upon returning home Nathan and I thanked God for this experience and can't wait to return next year."

- Barry Adcock, Adairsville, GA


"All Wild Birds."

"Great hunting trip and already booked for next year. All wild birds and nice people."

- Harry Carloss, Paducah, KY

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"Outstanding!! Can't say enough about the food. Tough to please a guy from Louisiana but Chef Matt has consistently done it! The lodge is clean and comfortable! I always feel like I'm being guided and attended to by professionals. Organized all around. Guides are friendly and helpful."

- Marty Houser

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"We have enjoyed hunting with you the past two years and appreciate your passion for providing a great hunt. Your staff is excellent, and the accommodations are convenient and very comfortable. Chef Matt was amazing again!"

Thank you for allowing to bring our dogs. Between your dogs and ours, I don’t think we lost a bird. The speed at which birds were found was greatly increased and we rarely had to get out of formation to find a bird. Thank you!

- Bobby Weissmann, Texas

Mitch Frank

"Highly recommend Ringnecks!!"

"Great wild birds! Most birds were in trees and tall grass in, near, and around the trees. Plenty of areas to hunt and birds in the areas hunted. Food was great and plentiful. Had to be careful not to overeat before hunting. After the hunt was a different story. Weather quickly became a challenge but everyone got their limit each day and were done before the end of the day. Service was great and staff was great! All were professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Highly recommend Ringnecks!! Great time was had by all in my party. If you want a small-town environment, nice people, and a great host, go to Ringnecks!"

- Mitch Frank, Evans, GA

Robby McGehee

"We will continue to come back as long as the place is open."

"We will continue to come back as long as the place is open. It fits our needs perfectly. We are looking for a good, clean place to stay where we can do our own cooking, and wild pheasant hunting where we can use our own dogs (even though the guides have great dogs!). It's been a pleasure every year."

- Robby McGehee, St. Louis, MO

Dean Trumbley

"Lots of shooting and an amazing amount of birds for a late-season shoot."

"Lots of shooting and an amazing amount of birds for a late-season shoot. The habitat was incredible, especially the amount of food available for the pheasant. The dogs owned by the Outfitter performed amazing, and hats off to Adam for the level of training he provides. The catering was very good and the abundance of food was huge. The facilities were fantastic and were comfortable throughout the stay. The attention to detail was noted by myself and my Co-Host Kent Michie. We use a lot of different Outfitters and the stay here was one of our most memorable. Both Stephan and his team of guides were amazing. The Trigger Effect team had an amazing hunt with Ringnecks. We would definitely recommend this hunt to anyone that wants to have a great hunt and also a beautiful facility to relax in. Attention to detail by Ringnecks is the motto which provides a premier hunt destination for North America!"

- Dean Trumbley-British Columbia, Canada


"We will be making it an annual tradition."

"The guides did a great job of getting us shooting opportunities. Great land, and a nice variety of terrain. Great food for every meal, perfect. Overall it's a great lodge. Great service throughout the hunt. Everyone was helpful and easy to talk to. Great guides, great owner, great support staff.

My Dad, Uncle, and I have went on many pheasant hunts over the years and this was the best experience I have ever had. The entire hunt was top notch from the hunting to the guides to the lodging. I highly recommend Ringnecks Lodge. We will be making it an annual tradition."

- Todd Gabriel, Berthoud, CO

Joe Weaver - WeaverGroup

"I had three days of seeing more birds in the air than I thought possible."

"Our pheasant population in central Iowa is devastated so we were looking forward to what has been our only real hunting of the year. Stephan put us on an incredible number of birds that I will remember forever. I had three days of seeing more birds in the air than I thought possible. Numerous times I didn't get a shot off because there were so many birds getting up that I couldn't pick one out. When I was ready to shoot more kept getting up between me and the bird I had picked out. It is an awfully lot of fun to be confused by seeing too many pheasants in front of your gun. We felt like we were in a pheasant hunter's heaven for the three days we hunted. I will never forget the memories from these trips. Great time. Thank you, Stephan!"

- Joe Weaver, Marshalltown, IA

Dr. Alan Swanson

"The wild birds were abundant and healthy..."

"He was very professional in terms of gun safety and the overall welfare of the hunting party, and he made the hunt interesting with his comments on shooting and his knowledge of the birds and their habitat. The wild birds were abundant and healthy due to the good cover and the food plots available on the Stanley Farm. It was not difficult for our group of hunters to get their limit. I intend to return and hunt with Stephan and I would heartily recommend the Stanley Farm as the place to go for a most enjoyable bird hunt."

- Dr. Alan Swanson, Sioux Falls, SD

Hank Skidmore

"The variety makes it so much fun."

"I have hunted for five years in South Dakota and the best true hunting experience for pheasants was with Ringnecks Lodge because there is so much variable terrain, not just crop rows. The variety makes it so much fun. The birds are wily and wild, sneaking around you if they can get away with it. Also, the deer population makes it fun when a deer flushes instead of a pheasant. I am coming back this fall."

- Hank Skidmore, Bellevue, WA

Todd Mondry

"Accommodations provided by Ringnecks are beyond expectations."

"Situated in the heart of South Dakota, Ringnecks on the Stanley Farm has proven excellent pheasant populations year after year and provided a successful hunt each trip into the field. Overall my hunting experiences with Ringnecks Hunting have been beyond what most locations can offer. The practice rounds of clay target shooting offer early competition among your hunting group and polish your shooting skills before hitting the field. The available acreage, variety of ground, abundance of pheasants, excellent habitat, and food sources for the birds leaves little doubt in shooting your limit each day. The guide service along with well-trained dogs provided for a world-class hunt.

Accommodations provided by Ringnecks are beyond expectations. The hospitality, meal preparations, and lodging make you feel welcome as a hunter, guest, and friend of the family."

- Todd Mondry

Russel, Trevor, Tyler Ingram LIBERTY, UT

" year will be here soon."

"Stephan, thanks for a great hunt! My two boys are still talking about how they will never forget how much fun the hunt was. You and chuck were great! Thanks again for the memories that will last a lifetime. I will keep in year will be here soon."

- Russel, Trevor, Tyler Ingram LIBERTY, UT


"I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen for myself."

"The pheasant numbers in the Presho area are amazing. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen for myself. We took our German shorthairs and Stephan did everything he could to accommodate us. We decided to work his worst areas first to hunt the dogs so we didn't limit too quickly. There were so many pheasants in some of his areas that the dogs were confused by too much scent. We had a great experience and look forward to going back this year. Stephan - Thanks for the great memories you have provided my family and friends."

- Alex Bonzer

Chuck Moore

"Fantastic! Wild birds are here!"

"Pheasant population: "Fantastic! Wild birds are here!"; Habitat: "Excellent with plenty of privately held and manicured farmland with rough cover when necessary or desired."; Dogs: "Experience dogs with trainer/guides on site."; Food: "Excellent catered meals with tasty snacks in an open kitchen."; Facility: "Atmosphere with full bar and flat-screen TVs."; Customer Service: "Well laid out schedule and requests accommodated."; Overall: "I spend more than 90 days a year in the field and own working dogs myself. Ringnecks runs a professional operation and has the largest population of wild pheasants I've had the privilege to shoot over. Book your hunt fast before everyone else finds out about this hot spot!"

- Chuck Moore, Dyersburg, TN


"Kent and I had an amazing experience hunting with Ringnecks Lodge in December of 2014. We were filming an episode for Season Three of Trigger Effect and have hunted with Outfitters around the world. Stephan and his team run one of the best hunting lodges we have been too. They were all very knowledgeable and worked hard to make sure that not just was the hunting a great experience but all aspects around the hunt contributed to the full service. The lodge and food were amazing and the quality of the guides and field dogs were the best we have seen. The Trigger Effect team is proud to display Ringnecks Lodge on its preferred Outfitter page and guarantees if you book with Stephan it will be a hunt of a lifetime.... great job Stephan to you and your team!"

- Trigger Effect, British Columbia, Canada


"There were so many birds that it was hard to keep track of them all. I'm not used to the problem of having too many shots. Believe me, by the end of the hunt, I figured it out! I had a great experience and can't wait to go back."

- Nate Clegg

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"Stephan, great year for us!! Thanks again!"

- Robby McGehee, Missouri

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"Thank you for the great time hunting this year, I look forward to doing it again in the future. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you!"

- Tino Ayala, Nevada

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"Well done to you and your team! Of all the hunts we go on each year, the hunt you put together is always the best! Thanks!"

- Patrick Ford

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"Great mix of country. Much prefer your hunts as opposed to just hunting cut strips."

- Texas Group

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"While we had heard the populations were down from previous years, we were thrilled with the activity you provided us and the super guides in putting us on the birds. It was, by all measures, a successful trip for us all.”

Best Regards, Fred Jurgensen - Georgia

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"Best wild bird hunting we have done, been 8 years in a row now, great lodging (clean and nice), great people, and they love our dogs!"

- Robby

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"We stayed at Ringnecks Lodge last October and had a great experience. The entire staff from the owner to the guides to the caterer were outstanding. The amount of wild birds was as good as pr..."

- Todd

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"Our hunting group recently hunted a 2-day package with Stephan Stanley and his guide Flint. Coming from Kansas and the down years we have had, I can’t explain to fellow hunters the amount of birds his ..."

- Penny - Google on Oct 31, 2015

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"Our group of 9 limited-out in 45 minutes on opening day."

"His terrain in Presho is incomparably beautiful and he clearly knows what he is doing- our group of 9 limited-out in 45 minutes on opening day. I recommend making other plans in addition to hunting when you hunt with Stephan."

- Eric Davis, Louisville, KY

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"This went on and on to my amazement."

"This went on and on to my amazement. To make a long story short, I didn't even pull the trigger, but I did see enough roosters to fill our group's bag for all 3 days."

- Jim Baggons, Anchorage, Alaska

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" many birds in the sky..."

"There were so many birds in the sky, I still can't believe it even though I've seen it."

- Rory Sather, Pendleton, California

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"The large open rooms lend well for our socialization."

"His properties tend to be sized towards larger parties than we have and his flexibility on how the hunt is conducted is well received in our group (our preference is more towards flushing pheasants with our dogs than just driving fields at posters).

The lodge is as important as the quality of the fields. The large open rooms lend well for our socialization. After all, that's why we hunt together."

- Dennis Thorfinnson, Gillette, Wyoming

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"...big flushes of pheasants..."

"I've seen a few big flushes of pheasants before, but I haven't seen it like that before."

- Jared Smith, Salt Lake City, Utah

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"One of the best times I have ever had."

"One of the best times I have ever had. I can not wait to go back."

- Ronnie Hinz, Temple, Texas

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"Your hunting lodge is the best I have ever inhabited."

"Your hunting lodge is the best I have ever inhabited------and I have been in many, ranging from the Rocky Mtns to Kodiak Island and near the Arctic Circle!

Fred and I are still telling stories about our hunt with you---it was a lot of fun, and we'll plan on shooting a little straighter next time!

All the best to you and your fine young family this year and beyond!"

- Gordon Ruehs, Royal Oak, MI

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"Awesome hunting in beautiful surroundings..."

"Awesome hunting in beautiful surroundings with professional guides who knew where to find the birds and how to get them up in front of our guns! Super friendly service and very comfortable accommodations."

- Bill Rowe, St. Louis, Missouri

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"...Lyman County is The Pheasant Capital..."

"I've hunted pheasants in South Dakota for 38 years now, and one thing I know from all those years is that central South Dakota, specifically Lyman County is The Pheasant Capital and Stephan at Ringnecks hunts all over that county."

- Thomas Kincade, San Diego, California

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“The kitchen was fully stocked for feeding our group of 30 staying at the lodge. It was clean and orderly - everything I needed was exactly where I expected it to be. The record selection brought a lot of joy to many when we were able to take a break from work! Thanks for everything Stephan!”

- Christine Bergeson – Google

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“Ringnecks is an amazing. Stephan and Flint gave our group a time of our lives. It was everything plus more on what we were expecting on a South Dakota Pheasant hunt. The lodge was more than comfortable, clean and great amenities. Highly recommend.”

- Justin Farner – Google

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“My husband and I visited Ringnecks Lodge in early November looking for wild birds and had the greatest experience! Flint, Tolly, and CrackerJack (his Lab) guided us for 2 days and we saw so many wild pheasants it was unbelievable.”

- Linn P – Google

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“Stephan has done cool things to update the lodge and has awesome murals! One newly painted outside this summer! Conveniently located on Main Street!”

- L Mertens – Google

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“A great alternative to a hotel. Whether you are having a family reunion, or a hunting weekend.”

- Tracy Mailloux – Google

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“Great owner and really nice lodge. Top of the line!”

- Dustin Kelley – Google

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“Wonderful accommodations. Friendly. Helpful. Absolutely terrific.”

- Kathaleen Wells – Google

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“Amazing place!”

- Selena Bergin – Google